"Passion, Power & Love - NewYear Workshop with Jan and team" - 28th December 2024 to 2nd January 2025 EarthSpirit Centre, Somerset - Led by Jan Day & Frieder Fischer

Free online video course

Connection, Communication and Touch

free online course
Free online video course

Would you like to:

feel more connected with yourself, with your friends, with people you meet ... and to feel more self-love, self-acceptance - of all that you are, un-ashamed of your body and rejoicing in your passions?

trust your feelings, and to be able to speak your truth openly and with love and nourish that part of you that longs to live more totally, beyond the call of your routines?

spend some time celebrating being alive, dancing your joy and your tears ... re-discovering who you are when you give yourself permission to BE all that you are …?

Opener (Video 1)

Welcome & intro (Video 2)

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